The perfect handball player…

.. May not exist, but if you combine the players who was awarded Player of The Year in the women’s handball department, you actually come quite close.


  • 150 g commitment
  • 4½ dl team spirit
  • 3 pcs dedication
  • ½ tsk fighter spirit
  • 50 g pure quality
  • 4 ts. kindness

Mix it all together and you have a quality CBS Sport’er and a very good team mate – and also the 3 players of the year 2012/13 in CBS Sport Handball Women. Common for all three is that they take responsibility – both on and off the court.

The prices awarded this year are mainly on the basis of the performance in the autumn season:

1st team: Nadia Otte

Team mates often point to her when the performance of the team is absent of quality and the defence isn’t working. This is not because she is playing a poor game – but because she is absent.

Luckily this only happens rarely since Nadia shows a high level of commitment. She does what is required (and then some) to be able to participate despite of injuries, high weekend workload etc. This mental approach is applied by her both regarding practice and matches.

Nadia is a classical fulcrum of the defence (forsvarskrumtap, red.). She dominates the defence – both vocally and physically – and does not mind to throw a good punch or two.

Fun fact about Nadia: That girl loves her candy – she likes to eat “pick and mix candy” about two times a week.

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”
– Vince Lombardi

2nd team: Anna Pors Andersen

Anna is a spirited fighter (fighter af guds nåde, red.) and has the ability to get her team mates to deliver (more). She accomplish this via her will to win, determination and commitment – whereby she inspires her team mates to do the same.

Anne is a versatile player who can play almost all positions on the court (and has done so this season). Thus, even though that her favorite position is the playmaker, she’s ready to take one for the team – whether it is on goal or as a pivot / line player – that’s the kind of player she is.

This among a number of other factors is the reason why she is the player of the year 2012/13.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”
– Vince Lombardi

Fun fact about Anna: She poured down her first glas of wine when she was 6 years old in front of her father, who did not believe she would do it. Very stubborn – very strong-willed.

3nd team: Stine Corlin Christensen

Stine might not have been awarded WoM (Women of the Match) during the season. She might not be a top goal scoring player. She might not be a million things – but she is the player of the year 2012/13.

Stine is player with a positive attitude – both on and off the court. She helps out when/where she can – also even if she actually hasn’t got the time for it. She does this – not always because she really wants to – but because it is the right thing to do (and somebody has to), which is a philosophy that characterize her as a person – and thus says a lot about her personality.

Stine is always participating at both practice and matches. The 3rd team without Stine – would certainly not be the same (and would it even exist?).

Fun fact about Stine: This is actually the second time she’s won the Player of the Year award.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
– Colin Powell

Good summer to all. See you after summer (and maybe during summer for some running).

Kind regards,

Christoffer Larsen
Head Coach of CBS Sport Handball

“A good coach sees his players, not only as they are, but rather as what they can become – and achive, as individuals as well as a team. – thats what i belive in”
– Christoffer 2013