The Sports Pool amount for 2015 has been raised!

The board has decided that the Sports Pool will be DKK 15.000 for 2015.

At the Board Meeting Tuesday the 3rd of March, the Board discussed the Sports Pool which was reestablished in 2013 after a short abscense. The Board found that the received applications and fundings given, are proving valuable for both the members and the club as a whole. Based on those experiences, it was decided to raise the Sports Pool amount eligible for applications from 10.000 DKK to 15.000 DKK.

This means that a higher percentage of the application amounts can be approved – so if your team could use some teambuilding, funding for a sports trip, or something else that your team or CBS Sport in another contest could benefit from, then do not hesitate to apply!

The main purpose of the pool is to support sports with funding for extraordinary activities or items that benefits the members of CBS Sport. Funding can be given to one or more sports together, possibly split into male and female teams.

The next deadline for applying is May 15th.

Previous events funded by the Sports Pool is amoing others CBS Sport Handball’s women teams going to DTH Cup and a teambuilding event for CBS Sport Football’s women’s team.

See more details about the Sports Pool here.

An example of a good application can be found here.