Two CBS Sport football teams promoted

Promotion for the women’s team

With one match remaining of serie 2, our female team is sure to end up in the top 3 of the teams eligible for promotion. That means that the team would only stay in serie 2 for one season before moving back up. A slow start to the season ment that it looked very difficult to end up in the top of the league, but a strong finish has seen the team unbeaten for 7 games in a row, and thereby earning themself a well deserved promotion.

Promotion for the male second team

The male second team also managed to end up in the top of their division. A current second place after having played their last match means that they too will end up in the top 3 and thereby move into serie 4 after the summer break. The team almost lost it all in the second last match with a loss against a low ranked team, but with the best match of the season and a 3-0 beating of the second placed team secured the promotion.

A good season for the male first team in Serie 4

Finally the men’s first team played their first season in serie 4, and was able to keep up with the top teams. With one match to go, it loos like a top 5 position for the team. Unfortunately a good start to the season ended up with a couple of defeats which meant that any chance of promotion was lost a couple of matches from the end.

All in all though, this has been the one of, if not the best season for CBS Sport Football.

Best regards,
Thomas Staalager