Upgraded clubroom

The Club Room opened on the 25th of March 2010 with over 50 members participating in the opening.

During the years, we have recieved and invested in more inventory, and the club room is now filled with awesome facilities.

In 2014, the clubroom has been upgraded with:

  • A new fridge (double space for beers and soda)
  • A bigger ghettoblaster (sponsored by Activity Pool)
  • Bigger lockers for the football department
  • Aircon – we know it gets hot down there, it should now be possible get it cooled down a bit
  • A count down clock, which will be used to promote our awesome events (sponsored by Activity Pool)
  • 25 kilos of sweets for events such as Double Promotion (sponsored by Activity Pool)

Remember that the club room is open for all CBS Sport members, and that you can use the room to hang out with your team, or other CBS Sport members. Access cards for the room can be purchased from our administrative employee, Linda, and can be handed out to all volunteers.


Club Room location

CBS Sport
Porcelænshaven 18B
2000 Frederiksberg

The Club Room can be entered through the bike cellar (the door on your far left) or Ovnhallen (The Kilen Hall)

The Club Room can be booked by the members, by contacting the administrative employee (see contact info here)