Marlene Van Mourik
General Manager

Joao Vitor Santos
Marketing & Communication Manager

Mathilde Løvschall Mikkelsen
Society & Event Manager

Jacob Olav Otnem Bergo
Finance Manager
Nancy Grv
Sports Manager

Mats Borgstrøm

The Executive Management is nominated by the Board based on applications and interviews.

Learn more about the tasks of the Executive Management below.


The Executive Management is responsible for the daily management of CBS Sport. The Executive Management is elected by the board of directors and each manager can elect a subcommittee under their area of responsibility.

The responsibilities of the Executive Management are:

  1. Day to day operation
  2. Contact between the Sports Committee, subcommittes and the Board
  3. Contact with CBS Sport partners and other external relations
  4. Execution of the events hosted by CBS Sport
  5. Execution of the strategy set by the Board
  6. Promote CBS Sport to potentionel members and volunteers
  7. Coordinate the tasks and activities within CBS Sport


Being a part of the board can give you vital experiences:

  1. Leadership experience
  2. Experience in the field of Project Management
  3. Experience in the field of Volunteer Management
  4. Sponsor and stakeholders management

If you are interested in being part of the Executive Management of CBS Sport or want to know more – then do not hesitate to contact the General Manager (see above) or the Board.

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