Volunteers needed for Campus Relay

In 2010 CBS Sport will once again help arrange CBS Campus Relay – And we need volunteers to help out

If you are interested in helping out please contact Stina at: administration@cbssport.dk.

Below you can read about some of the tasks:

Before the race:

– delineation of the route

– Establishment of tents and start/finish area

– Distribution of start numbers and serial chips / batons

– Distribution of t-shirts

– A warm-up team to get everybody ready

During the race:

– Distribution of water, sandwiches and fruit

– Officials at the route (always min. two people together)

– “Little cleanup following the race

– Dismantling of the markers after the race (officials on the route gather this in.)

– Distribution of prizes and sprint prizes

– Officials in the starting area to help the weary runners

Here a little emotion pictures:


You can read more about last year’s race here:


http://www.cbssport.dk/shownews/102 http://www.cbs.dk/nyheder_presse/nyheder/2009/september/200_loebehold_til_aarets_campus_relay


The race is one-hundred percent free and for all educational institutions in Frederiksberg. Afterthought We usually have the mega-fun and a beer afterwards to those who will hang out a little.

A little about the race:

One lap is approx. 1.25 km long around the CBS Campus Solbjerg Plads. Each participant will run the lap 2 times (= 2.5 km). Equal to 10 km. for at team. After the first lap the runner, run through gate 2 with the the baton must be “time measuring” mats into second round After the second round run to move into the zone through port 1, which despatches carried over “time measuring” mats, which despatches switch over to the next run to stay clear of the zone change and then run two laps. Last run deliver despatches in the boxes in order of målporten.