Welcome all new students!

CBS Sport has always welcomed new students and informed them about the possibilities at CBS Sport, at all the introduction programmes that had an open slot for us. The same goes this year, and from medio to ultimo August representants of CBS Sport and often also the CBS Sport Panther will come by and tell new students about CBS Sport!

Here’s a short summary of what the presentation contains:

CBS Sport has nine different sports;

FootballHeader - Join Us


– all sports are offered at a student friendly price and as the majority of the players, coaches and other volunteers are students themselves, there’s a high flexibility and understanding for pressured periods with exams etc.

Throughout the year, CBS Sport offers a lot of different events where even non-members can join:

CBS Sport Street Football
CBS Sport Challenge
CBS Sport Dodgeball
CBS Sport Campus Relay
..and much more!

Being a volunteer

CBS Sport is build and driven by volunteers. We offer you a great environment where you get to meet a lot of people, get some experience with different kinds of work that you are interested in, and on top of that, help CBS Sport in it’s further development. The feedback we get from former volunteers is also that their volunteer work on their CV was something that impressed their future employer – see, that’s worth a thought!


Here are a list of some of the volunteer positions that CBS Sport has:

Board member
Sports responsible
Team responsible
Event coordinator
CBS Sport Party Crew
Ad hoc volunteers

At this very moment, CBS Sport has open volunteer positions in two sports departments; CBS Sport Basketball and CBS Sport Handball – click the links to know more.
Welcome all!

We hope that this has given you an idea of what CBS Sport is and can offer.


To sum up, the purpose of CBS Sport is to:

Promote the sport and student society at CBS.
Create a social network across a variety of study programmes and sports.
Create a better sporting alternative for students and young all over Copenhagen.
Ensure student friendly prices.

Especially creating a social network across study programmes, countries, ages and cultures is a thing that we’re very proud of and always eager to get more people in on.

In order to find contact information just click the relevant links (for ie. sports or events) above in this article or simply send and email to administration@cbssport.dk – then our administrative employee, Linda Boldt, will make sure that you get in touch with the right person.