Winners of CBS Sport Challenge 2013 – Part 1

Leading up to CBS Sport Challenge 2014, we’ll bring a serial of interviews with the winners from last year.

First CBS Sport Challenge 2013 winner to be interviewed is Frederick Skov, who both won the Football Tournament AND Fighter of the Football Finals in 2013.

1st place: Team Flækkeholdet

Your team, Flækkeholdet, won the 1st place last year – what was the prize and how did you use it?

We won a gift certificate for 10 persons at a restaurant and afterwards a bottle of booze at The Drunken Flamingo – it was quite a good night!

You also won the Figther of the Football Final – have you used your national team shirt at several occasions?

I’ve used it a couple of times, but mostly when going to see the national team.

Frederick, CBS Sport Panther and a representative from
Danske Bank, Peter Bangs Vej, who sponsored the shirt.

Our research shows that you’re currently injured, so we guess that you’re not going for Figther of the Finals this time, but is Flækkeholdet gonna compete again this year and defend the title?

Most of the guys from last year’s team is gonna compete again this year and they’re of course gonna win it all. They’ll of course have to get some reimforcements, as I’m not gonna play, haha! But I plan on being there, probably coaching from the side line.

Will the team be named the flattering name “Flækkeholdet” (which means something like “The Team of Hard Tackles”) again or is it for last year’s constellation only?

We will most likely take the good name of “Flækkeholdet” again this year.

What do you think of the CBS Sport Challenge?

It pretty much met my expectations. Things were under control, and as a team you knew where and when to play. The atmosphere at the tournament was very positive and we surely had a great experience.

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