Women Handball 2 gave power performance against Orient

CBS Sport Handball Women 2 vs. Orient
Result: 24-7
Half-time: 13-3
Player of the Match: Katrine Waldorff


Gitte Johansen
Rikke Krog Mogensen
Stine Corlin Christensen
Camilla Engelhardt Berg
Sofie-Amalie Høxbroe Bach
Natja Helene Grønvaldt
Nadia Ørneborg Therkildsen
Katrine Waldorff

Game summary:

CBS Women 2 were remarkably superior in yesterday’s home game against Orient, winning 24-7. Like last week’s game against CIK 3 in Sundbyhallen, the game last night was a team effort with every player adding to the scoreboard. The game started out slow with almost no goals in the first seven minutes, and CBS missed some enormous fast-break opportunities due to trouble making passes. However, this all changed as evidenced by the final score. CBS’s defense stood strong and, as a result, fast-breaks dominated the match. CBS also had a good flow in the offense, moving the ball around quickly and creating opportunities for each other. Both teams got several penalties, yellow cards, and also some two-minute expulsions. But CBS Women 2 had the upper hand throughout the entire match, delivering a solid performance which left no doubt about who was the better team.

Written by Katrine Waldorff