Women’s basketball: Promotion to 2nd division

After a period in CBS Sport with no women’s basketball, a new team was re-established in 2013. The 2013-14 season was their first season in the DBBF tournament. The team was struggling and at the end of the season they were in the bottom of the lowest ranked league for seniors (Sjællandsrækken).

Season 2014-15 turned out quite different. The team took some new players in for the semester start, but we could still build on the great team spirit we established in the first season. So we managed to get in 2nd place, and because there are no other CBS Sport teams in the basketball leagues, we got to skip the Sekundarækken and go straight to the 2nd division.

For the next semester we might need to add a few players to the squad, but we are more than ready for the challenge.

Se look out for us in the 2nd Division East for the next season.

//CBS Sport Basketball Women’s team

For players interested in joining the team: There will be try-outs in September.