On a windy Saturday the 29th of October, all three female football teams in CBS Sport were playing their very last match of the season. The three teams more or less had three different seasons; the KS team was inches of winning promotion, the S2 team had had a great start of the season, but was hoping for a placement in the middle of the table and the W7 team had from the beginning only been playing for fun and wasn’t even looking at the table.


In order to celebrate that a good season was coming to an end all three teams had decided to throw a joint End of Season Party! The fall season had added quite a few new players to CBS Sport Football Women, so the party was also a way to get more people to know each other – both on their teams, and across teams.


The party started early and the party crew had planned all kinds of stuff including aperitifs, Shots Bingo (with awesome prizes), snacks, Kahoot quiz, shots, Yes/No quiz and the main event with funding from the Sports Pool; a comedian!


Through network, the party crew had managed to get a comedian, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, who had previously performed at the Zulu Comedy Festival, Copenhagen Pride and on TV2 Zulu. Daniel talked a lot about being a foreigner in Denmark and generally culture clashes. Of course he also singled out players and coaches, and ended up more or less proposing to the (male) coach of the S2 team!


The party continued at Tørst Bar in Vestergade, where a bunch from CBS Sport Football Men met up with us and the partying and dancing didn’t stop until early morning!


Thank you to the Sports Pool for making it possible to get a comedian to entertain us, and thereby giving us common stuff to laugh about for a long time!


Best regards,


Kathrin, Caroline, Sarah, Kiri, Kamilla and Cecilie

Party Crew