WT: Football Women (11) vs. AB Tårnby

Winter Tournament

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. AB Tårnby
Date: 15th of March
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


Goal: Ingrid
Defense: Cirkeline – Pernille – Rikke – CC
Midfield: Mie – Charlotte – Laura – Mia – Caroline
Striker: Malle

Subs: Callie

The match

With regular players such as Birgitte and Cecilie being unable to make it to the match, a lot of “oldies” were anxious about the match, whereas the “new” players of 2014 were eager to show, that it of course was possible even without the “regulars”.

With Ingrid on goal and Rikke and Pernille in central defense, CBS Sport was ready to meet their frenemies, AB Tårnby; a team which CBS Sport has a great track record of interesting matches!

30 minutes into first half, Cirkeline makes one of her famous runs from her full back position and with an assist from Caroline, she scored “from around 0 degrees” as our facebook reporter put it!

At half time, CBS Sport looks like the better team and are hoping for more goals..

15 minutes into second half, Malle sends a great pass to Mie who can score nicely for 2-0! Unfortunately, only minutes later, AB Tårnby pulls one back for 2-1..

But CBS Sport keeps it up, and only five minutes later, Laura sends a pass to Caroline who finishes and scores on her first touch! 3-1!

With only minutes left, AB Tårnby succeeds with a throughball that passes four CBS Sport players and ends at the feet of an AB Tårnby attacker, who manages to move past Ingrid and scores in the open goal.. 3-2.

3-2 is also the end result, and CBS Sport keeps the first place, now with 13 points after five matches.

The aftermath

Great match, and generally looking good for the spring season! Next match is Sunday, the 22nd of March at Birkerød, where Mie and Kathrine are facing the girls they themselves coached only a few years back – so this is gonna be good! Kick-off is at 15:00!

Result: 3-2 (win!)
Goal: Cirkeline (assist: Caroline), Mie (assist: Malle), Caroline (assist: Laura)
Woman of the Match: Cirkeline





Caroline 3 Malle 3
Kathrine 2 Caroline 3
Charlotte 2 Pernille 1
Lisa 1 Kathrine 1
Malle 1 Lisa 1
Cirkeline 1 Mie 1
Mie 1 Laura 1