WT: Football Women (11) vs. Nørrebro United

Winter Tournament

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Nørrebro United
Date: 2nd of February 2015
Venue: Mimersparken


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Hansen – Birgitte – Majbritt – Pernille
Midfield: Caro – Nathalie – Laura – Mia – Mie
Striker: Malle

Subs: Aida, Charlotte, Callie

The match

CBS Sport got a good start a managed to play the ball up through the chains, just as Coach Jeppe likes it. Unfortunately the team’s patience with that kinda play didn’t last long, and after 10-15 minutes the spectators could witness more and more long and deep balls and Malle struggling to prolong the passes for Caro, Mie and Laura to pick up..

About half way through first half, Malle managed to send a great pass towards goal, where Caroline outran the opponents and sent a lovely curved ball into the goal with her dangerous left foot! 1-0 lead!

First half continued back and forth, with good chances to CBS Sport and a few good chances to Nørrebro United, that was nicely stopped by the defense and goalkeeper.

Close to half time, Nørrebro United got a free kick which they sent straight for goal. Cecilie was ready to catch the ball, but miscalculated to power of the shot – the ball hit Cecilie’s upper body and bounced out to an opponent; Cecilie got half a finger on the repost which hit the bar, but as that ball fell right at the feet of another opponent, an equalizing goal was inevitable. 1-1.

In half time, Coach Jeppe asked us to get back to the good passing instead of long and deep shots for the striker to handle.

In second half, Coach Jeppe stirred things up a bit, and Charlotte got a go at the midfield, Callie got a right full back, Aida tried the right wing and Caro even had a go at the striker position.

After good play and tons of CBS Sport chances (both huge and minor) the second goal FINALLY came: Again Malle was the provider of a sweet assist, this time to debutant Charlotte Beach!

Biggest chance for Nørrebro United in second half, was an opponent who somehow got a free run right through the middle of the defense. Fortunately Majbritt was at her tail and pressured her to Cecilie’s left, and made it easy for Cecilie to grab the ball and prevent any danger for another equalizer.

Only setback was debutant Aida, who has an old knee injury, who got a minor twist in the knee and was sent home with ice and compression. Hopefully she’ll be back at full pace within soon.

The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was pleased with the victory as well as the overall play, but also told that he had taken some stuff from the match that he would focus on at practice.

Result: 2-1 (win!)
Goal: Caroline (assist: Malle), Charlotte (assist: Malle)
Woman of the Match: Charlotte