Yet another defeat for CBS Sport Women’s handball 2

Sunday the 17th of October the CBS women’s 2 team played there second mach in the serie 2. The opponent was Ajax 3.

The team started out whit a lot of energy and the belief in us self as the team. All though the mach, the defence was really good. We were able to communicate and stick together. Most of all we had a good goalkeeper.

In the offensive play we were stable and played basic handball. In the second half we lost our energy and our bad condition made it difficult for us to keep up. We tried our best, but the feeling as a new team, where that we don’t know each other that well, which made it difficult. The offensive play fast became a bit impatience and our solutions were not always the easiest. That may also be the reason for the final score 13-15.

Player of the day: Hege Urnes

(She was stable all though the game, and able to keep up a good spirit).