ABOUT badminton

The team is full, next opening for new players will be in January.

General Information

We practice twice a week, Monday and Friday, both days from 15-17.00 at Mariendalshal B, Mariendalsvej 21C, 2000 Frederiksberg. You can play either double or single (if there’s space for it). It is not necessary to bring a partner, since everybody challenges one another. The level varies from beginners to former elite players, but we try to set the matches so everyone are challenged. Shuttlecocks are covered by the practice fee. (For more practical information see Practice Schedule).

It is not a requirement to be a student at CBS in order to be part of the team. The team is open to everyone, and do beside CBS students also consist of former students and players not affiliated with CBS. We are a small team with a lot of social activity, and we usually have a large diversity among our members due to a great amount of non danish players.

If you have questions or want more information see contact information.


Tournament Team

We have a new tournament team playing in serie 3, after winning series 4 last year, in our second year with a tournament team (we won series 5 the year before). We plan to follow up on the results from last year, and therefore expect to win serie 3 in the year to come. We do further participate in 2-3 short tournaments during the year. You are not required to participate in tournaments or at the team, in order to join the practice. Please be aware that costs for the short tournaments are not always included in the regular player fee.

For information regarding results and match schedule see HERE



We have a Facebook group, where important information about practice, tournaments, parties etc. will be posted.

The name is “CBS Sport Badminton”. Visit us HERE.


Practice Fee

Fees for one semester:

Two practices in the beginning of the season for new members: Free of charge

Mondays: 400 DKK (two hours)
Fridays: 400 DKK (two hours)
Both Mondays & Fridays: 700 DKK

Pay Player-Fee