CBS Sport proudly fields a strong 11-a-side women’s team We are looking to continue the good development from the past seasons and are looking for additional players, both to continue to strengthen and to ensure depth in the squad of our 11-a-side team in Københavnserie. We are looking for players who can contribute with good intensity in practices and be apart of our strong social group.

We pride ourselves in our ability to welcome new players, and would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in playing football, send an email to Women’s football responsible Jonas at womensfootball@cbssport.dk to learn more.



The team practice on Tuesdays from 19.00 to around 20.30 and on Thursday from 20.30 to around 22:00. Practice takes place on the artificial grass pitches at Frederiksberg Hallerne. The address is Jens Jessens Vej 20, 2000 Frederiksberg.

We routinely conduct practice sessions in English, so not knowing Danish is no issue at all.


Try-outs are mostly done as part of the regular practice sessions, though we also do have a yearly try-out event in early spring where we gather several new prospective players.

Please don’t hesitate to contact womensfootball@cbssport.dk if you’re interested in trying out for the team. We do require you to contact us before attending your first practice, as we need to know the number of players attending when planning practice.

Membership fee

At CBS Sport we strive to always make our prices are very competitive and student friendly.

Therefore the fees are 700 DKK per season for students, 900 DKK for non-students

The coaches will guide you through the process of becoming a member.

Competitive season

Competitive matches under the Football Association in Denmark are split into a spring and fall season.

The spring season runs from April to June.

The fall season runs from late August to early November.
During the longer winter break the teams participate in friendly games.


New players are expected to have their own cleats and shin pads.

No dress code is enforced at practice other than cleats, so wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

Our match kit includes shirts, shorts and socks. Shin pads are required at matches.

CBS Sport apparel is available in the web shop

Fine box

Each team has their own fine box. It’s a danish footballing tradition where you pay a small amount to the fine box for showing up late, not signing up on time and the likes.

Everyone pitches in and the money is then spent on social events for the team(s).

You will be introduced to this when joining the team. Current fine box information can be found here


The players take turns doing duties in relation to matches.

Specifically someone brings soda and beer for consumption after each game and someone washes the match kit after each game.

Current duty assignment can be found here.


A lot of day-to-day communication is done through Facebook. There’s a shared group for all Women’s teams and team specific groups as well.

You will be invited to the relevant groups upon joining one of our teams.


For general inquiries regarding women’s football at CBS Sport please send an email to womensfootball@cbssport.dk