CBS Tennis is a student organization with a simple and open-minded goal: to bring people together through tennis. Our vision is to create a tennis community where everyone, regardless of their experience level, program of study, or year in school, feels at home. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, CBS Tennis is delighted to have you on board. Joining our club means you can meet fellow tennis enthusiasts and make new friends, especially if you’re looking for a tennis partner.

But CBS Tennis isn’t just about tennis; we love to have a good time together. We organize social events that are a big part of what we do. Plus, we’re excited to let you know that we have plans to host tennis tournaments in the future. To stay in the know about upcoming events and all things CBS Tennis, make sure to follow us on Instagram!

Membership and general information

Membership and equipment

Twice a year, we host try-outs, providing new members with the chance to connect with our current board, enjoy some tennis, and get a feel of the team. It’s important to note that we have a limited capacity of 40 spots, and while we would love to accommodate everyone, we may not be able to guarantee a spot for all attendees as of now.

Please note that you are required to be a student at CBS in order to be eligible to be a part of the team. Stay in the loop by following our Instagram account, where you’ll find the latest updates on try-out dates, upcoming events, and ongoing news about our team.

All players need their own tennis racket and personal equipment, however common equipment such as tennis balls are provided by the team


Committed to fostering a balanced and inclusive community, our organization boasts a membership of around 40 individuals, with a focus on maintaining gender balance. Our regular practice sessions occur once a week, primarily taking place at Kløvermarken Tennis Club (KTK) and are typically scheduled for Sundays.

Board members & roles

President: Amalie Veiby Hansen 

Vice President / Sports Director: Mathilde Horn Dietrichson

Vice President / Recruitment & Membership: Anniken Sparre

Finance Manager: Nicolay Eide Marås

Board Member / Social Media & Events: Hedda Tellow

Board Member / Social Media & Events: Cornelia Wahlund