You choose a weekly time slot between 7 AM and 3 PM – through ONLY on weekdays and no half hours (e.g. from 10.30) – where you and your hitting partner(s) can play. Write us an e-mail (tennis@cbssport.dk) with the full name(s) of your partner(s), which weekday(s) you wish to play and which time-slot. We will then check and confirm if the time slot is available as well as reserve it for you.

Where do we play?

We play at Kløvermarkens Tennis Klub, Kløvermarksvej 34, 2300 København

There are 3 indoor courts with a surface of plexicushion (same as in Australian Open) and 11 outdoor clay courts.

The club located in the City Centre and fairly close to Christianshavn Metro Station – but if you have never been there before, give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to arrive on time as the club might be a bit tricky to find at first.