Football Women vs. Skjold

Football Women vs. Skjold

Pre Season is well on the way – the ladies have been doing practice sessions since January and first practice match was this Saturday away against Skjold who won promotion last season to KS.

Line-up: Cecilie – Alberte, Benno, Idunn, Schack – Stone – Marlen, Mia (C), Amalie, Laura – Kiri
Subs: Nika

After going from three subs to one, after cancellations, the team was eager to find out how the condition of the team was. Ryparken was wet and the pitch terrible – not only due to the abundance of rubber granules in the artificial grass but also the pool in the far longside of the pitch.. At least the conditions of the pitch applied to both teams.

First half ended 1-0 in favour of CBS Sport after a score from Kiri on a pass across the box from Laura. CBS Sport had several good chances and Jeppe looked delighted although hoping for more goals. Defensively, Skjold only had a few chances, and Idunn and Benno had good control and was able to direct Alberte and Schack on their semi-unfamiliar positions on the fullbacks.

Second half, things took off: About 15 minutes in, Laura receives a through ball from Mia at the edge of the box – Laura executes and makes it 2-0! A few minutes later, a cross from Kiri to Marlen makes it 3-0, and then 4-0 as Laura dribles across the edge of the box and passes it to Mia who scores! Five minutes later Marlen shows great confidence, as she sends a heel pass to Mia, who makes it 5-0! So in a time frame of less than ten minutes, CBS Sport lighted a fire and scored four goals!

Just to finish it all off, and show that she’s for sure back from exchange, Laura made it 6-0 on a beautiful pass across the box from Marlen!

End result: 6-0
Goals: Kiri (assist: Laura), Laura (assist: Mia), Marlen (assist: Kiri), Mia (assist: Laura), Mia (assist: Marlen), Laura (assist: Marlen)
Woman of the Match: Laura

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