CBS Sport partners up with KompletFysio

CBS Sport partners up with KompletFysio

As of today, CBS Sport is delighted to announce a new partnership with KompletFysio, a highly specialized physiotherapy clinic located in Frederiksberg, conveniently close to CBS Sport.

The agreement provides a 15% discount on all treatments and massages to all members, volunteers, and employees of CBS Sport. (Please note, the discount does not apply to group training sessions)

KompletFysio is located in the heart of Frederiksberg since they opened in 2015. KompletFysio features a team of 8 specialized physiotherapists, each passionate and skilled in their unique area of expertise. The clinic covers specialties ranging from general physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, elite-level testing and rehabilitation, to breathing, stress, and headaches.

The clinic offers:

  • Individual assessments and plans
  • Tailored treatment
  • Rehabilitation courses, manual treatment, or massage
  • Pregnancy and postpartum physiotherapy
  • K-laser treatment, taping, acupuncture, Compex electrotherapy, ChronoJump, occlusion training.
  • No extra charges for standard treatment.

KompletFysio is located at Sindshvilevej 15, and is open Monday-Thursday from 7-20 and Friday from 7-17.

For more information, you can visit their website at

To get the discount, just mention that you are from CBS Sport.