General Assembly 2024 Documents

General Assembly 2024 Documents

As part of the bylaws of the club, we here publish the Chairmans Report for 2023, as well as the financial overview and suggested changes to the bylaws, which will be up for a vote at the General Assembly on April 12th.

Chairmans Report, 2023 by Mats Borgstrøm:

The year 2023 is a year that was marked by the re-births of both sports and other key parts of the organization and in many ways feels like a year that functions as steppingstone for the clubs future success. We have invested a lot of time and efforts into initiatives that we firmly believe will strengthen the club and over the years to come, we hope and expect to be able to reap the benefits of the resources invested during 2023.



While the board has remained relatively stable over the last few years, including 2023, one major change was the Ida decided to step into a role as the responsible of the football division in CBS Sport and thereby left the board. While we were enormously sad to see her leave, it is also a decision that the football division has benefited greatly from. The rest of the board has remained intact and the combined CBS Sport experience of the four current board members now exceeds 20 years, which is a testament to the great ability of CBS Sport to keep people engaged and invested into this great organization. While this experience is extremely valuable, it is now also time to start renewing the board and 2024 will therefore be a year where the onboarding of new board member is of the highest priority.


The management team that were installed in 2022 has continued their great work in 2023 and has contributed to the creation of several larger events, the development of our new website and Instagram page whilst contributing heavily to the important strategic discussions held at our board/management meetings throughout the year. The relationship between board and management has in 2023 been closer than ever with the two teams working together on both the development and implementation of the initiatives and strategies that CBS Sport has pursued in 2023 and that we will continue to pursue in 2024.


During the first half of the year, the administration role was occupied by Mats along with his role as the Chairman of the board since his appointment at last year’s General Assembly. The start of the fall marked a new beginning for this role as Sofie took over and brought some much need energy to role and to the organization. Sofie, and the administration, continues to function as the first line of defense for CBS Sport and as an integral part of the organization that allows the freedom to the rest of the volunteers to pursue initiatives that improve the club while she holds up the fort, by covering a lot of the administrative responsibilities.


The board and management exist solely to support the efforts of the sport responsibles and in 2023 we were proud to re-introduce two new sports to our organization whilst several other sports saw their membership increase signifying the positive development that this club is in.

CBS Sport Tennis experienced a re-birth and hit the ground running when they relaunched in the fall of 2023 under the leadership of a newly created board that has performed tremendously. 45 motivated tennis players now show up continuously to develop their skills and have fun with new players under the umbrella of the CBS Sport organization and we could not be more happy about this development and are excited to see all the initiatives that the team has planned for 2024.

Additionally, we also welcome Rugby back on the CBS Sport menu of sports to offer students and other sports wise like-minded individuals. Jõao has worked extremely hard to bring back this sport and while they are still searching for more members to start up both and men’s and women’s division, we are extremely grateful for the work that has been done and excited about the further developments that are to come for CBS Sport Rugby in 2024.

CBS Sport Volleyball has brought another trophy to the CBS Sport trophy case by winning the mix league 1 again after the trophy had eluded them since 2018. This has propelled them to look to the international scene for new challenges and they have planned trips to international tournaments in 2024 and we are extremely excited about getting CBS Sport back on the map in Europe.

Our football department has expanded once again with the introduction of a new 7-a-side team in the fall and with a new 11-a-side team that will play their first match in the spring of 2024. With maximum points in 8 games our 4th team secured promotion to series 3 in only their 2nd season in Series 4. After the fusion of the 1st and 2nd team in 2022, the new 1st team seems to have found it footing and is now 1st in their league in series 2 in has their target set on promotion in the spring season of 2024. Our women’s team has put in great performances in the Copenhagen Series whilst simultaneously gaining promotion to the highest 7-a-side league in Copenhagen and winning the 7-a-side cup. CBS Sport football now has more teams and players than ever and with them all continuing to put in stellar performances it is hard not to be impressed by the work put in by the newly appointed sport responsible, Ida and the other volunteers in the club.

CBS Sport Badminton has also seen their membership numbers boosted over the last 12 months and are currently 60 members and is firmly positioned as one of the biggest sports in the organization. The club provides great experiences for all levels where they have managed to create a set-up that allows their members to be challenged and develop their skills while maintaining a great level of social activities. The sport saw the appointment of two new co-presidents in, Jakob and Christopher, taking over the reigns and have managed to expand on the already high performance of the sport across many different levels.

Key Developments in CBS Sport

Several key developments have also happened at club level where we have been fortunate to see the hard work of the board, management and other volunteers lead to the creation of several larger events. The CBS Semester-start-party has become synonymous with a CBS Sport Football tournament and once again we hosted a successful event that brought joy and good spirits among all the attendees and supporters. We were also, once again, to be found at the Student Society Day where many of our sport responsibles and other volunteers put in great shifts to promote the club to CBS students, new and old.

The year 2023 was also the year where the development of our new website and social media platforms was of high priority among the board and management and great strides were made in both areas. This led to the launch of our website in the start of 2024 and our new and improved visibility online is sure to be something that will benefit the club for years to come.

2023 also saw the use of our new jersey expand to several new sports, notably to basketball where CBS Sport collaborated with Select to have them produce their first ever sleeveless kit. Spreading our new design to all CBS Sport teams across all sports is of great priority for the club as it is a significant part of building the uniformity across sports that is so important in a multi-sports club. It is additionally also an effort that strives to reduce the production of new kits and extend the lifetime of our jersey which is a great step in the right direction towards minimizing our environmental footprint of our equipment.

Overall, the year 2023 was a year where we saw the membership expand both within sports, but also with the addition of new sports and this has seen us achieve the highest membership count since before Covid-19. When we look to 2024, we look to build on the hard work that has been made during 2023 and we are excited to see the initiatives that the new board will bring as they are sure to create significant value to CBS Sport.

Financial Overview of 2023:

Proposal for Amendments to the Bylaws

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The General Assembly will take place on April 12th, 2024 at 17.30 at SPs19 and the event can be found here.