Volunteer of the year 2016

Volunteer of the year 2016

First, we would like to thank those who have taken the time to write nominations to celebrate our great volunteers to volunteer of the year 2016.

The decision of who should be awarded Volunteer of the year 2016 has been taken by our HR manager Matthieu Rey in cooperation with the board.

We are happy to announce that this year, the volunteer of the year award has been given to Jeppe Udkilt Svendsen, our coach of the 11 player’s woman football team. His nomination has received strong support both from the players and the board of CBS Sport. It was very nice to see his work appreciated at its true value. We are glad to have him with us and we hope that he knows that people are thankful for his commitment during these many years.

The award has been hand out during the Football Award on the 25th of February, where Matthieu announced Jeppe as the winner. We definitely can say it was a great success and amazing to see so many people motivated and involved to make CBS Sport possible.

Here is the nomination of one of the football player in favor of Jeppe for the volunteer of the year award:

“Ever since being deceived into helping our former coach out with our practice, Jeppe has been a great asset for Football and Football Women in particular. He’s always put effort into what he was doing, and after getting his training course (B1), quality of practice just got even better! Jeppe has raised the bar on our team and deserves credit for bringing the ladies first team to the highest female football league in Copenhagen. This season he even helped the ladies to the best result EVER (#2 in KS) – something we’ve said for several seasons now, but he just keeps making new records.”

Jeppe has been nominated the last many years, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that he gets it as deserved this year.”

Thank you, Jeppe!

On behalf of CBS Sport,

HR Manager Matthieu Rey