Women’s football annual team building

Women’s football annual team building

The women’s football teams had their annual team building day on September 16th. With a lot of new players joining both the first and second 11-a- side team, as well as a new coach and assistant coach, the aim was to have a great day of team cooperation-exercises and fun activities – while getting to know each other better and create loads of team spirit.

The day was set up with three different heats. In the first heat the girls met up at Amager Fælled to compete in an orientation run. In the pre-divided colourful teams (yellow, red, blue, green and pink) and clothes matching the team colours the teams set out to find different post, solve riddles and compete in cooperation exercises. The challenge consisted of locating the different posts, being fast as well as being thorough in solving the
tasks.The girls proved to have high levels of competitiveness and great commitment while running around Amager Fælled. Red team completed the orientation run the fastest. The big question of who had solved the exercises the best and gained most points was however yet to be revealed.

Next heat – the surprise heat – was a game of kayaking polo at Islands Brygge. For this heat the girls were divided into new teams in order to compete and cooperate with more fellow teammates. Again the girls showed their love of competition and gave it a very good fight in the kayaks. In the end, the game turned out to be a game of condition and persistence more than a game of kayaking skills. Several girls fell into the water (multiple times) as they were stretching and fighting for the ball.

After kayaking – heat three was on. Last heat consisted of biking to Frederiksberg while solving two tasks of making the best team photo and the best team cheer. After a long fun and eventful day the girls met up for dinner, drinks and celebration of the team building winners; Team Yellow! All in all a great team building day for the CBS Sport Football Women! Yellow team won the very important bragging rights as well as the honour of planning next years team building event.

At the party the players awarded the best ‘team cheer’ to be the cheer from Team Green. The cheer sounds – “Who’s the best – C B S, Who’s the best – C B S” – which you will hear the women football teams shout at their matches.