A Football Party filled with golden moments!

A Football Party filled with golden moments!

CBS Sport Football Award

With funding from the Sports Pool and Football’s own finances, Kiri and Cecilie called themselves ‘Party Crew’ and threw a party on February 11th!

Two lovely ladies from CBS Sport Basketball volunteered to take the bar, ebuffet.dk catered the food and the awesome disco-speaker from the Club Room acted DJ while the rest of us partied!

Player of the Year

The main event of the night, was of course all the trophies ready to be handed out to the deserved winners and applauded by the other football’ers. Accompanied with a simple slide show, different presenters talked about their teams season(s) in 2016 and revealed the winners from each team:

  • S2 Men – Frederik “Fred” Nørgaard
  • KS Women – Marlen Knoph
  • S3 Men (P8) – Tim Maurer
  • S2 Women – Majbritt Korsgaard Hansen
  • S3 Men (P11) – Alex Hassouna
  • M7 Women – Julie Nyboe Andersen
  • M7 Men (DØK Penetrators) – Kristoffer Brodersen and Daniel Henriks

We hope to bring a separate article with a few words from their coaches.

A new thing..

Jeppe, coach for the women’s KS team, had managed to take upon himself to find statistics from all CBS Sport Football Women 11-a-side matches since the very beginning. Despite of some black spots in the data (especially with regards to goal scorers, assist and Woman of the Match), it became clear that we could already now celebrate both 50 and 100 matches played! Thankfully Football Council was onboard, and Jeppe has together with Cecilie orderede cool pins in silver and gold, that will arrive from China anytime now. Meanwhile, we just saluted and applauded the ones who was going to get pins:

  • Birita Hammershaimb Christiansen (55 matches)
  • Majbritt Korsgaard Hansen (68 matches)
  • Camilla Carlsen (69 matches)
  • Christina Løtzsch Hansen (77 matches)
  • Birgitte Brems (80 matches)
  • Cecilie Bøttger (109 matches)

As soon as the pins arrive, we plan on bringing photos and more on our Facebook Page!

Volunteer of the Year

As an extra surprise, Matthieu from CBS Sport Management, came by and surprised Jeppe Udklit Svendsen with the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award! Party Crew had of course made sure of golden confetti for the announcement – with a little help from two of Jeppe’s players!

Read more about the award and the motivation for Jeppe receiving it here.


Rest of the night went past with good chats, beer pong, dancing and pulling down some of the golden decorations.

200 beers, a bottle of Jägermeister, lots of gin, rum, vodka, shots and plenty of laughs later, the last football’ers stumbled home with sore feets and happy smiles.

Find photos from the party here. We also plan on posting a few recorded speeches.

Thank you for a great party all!

Especially thank you to Football Council and Sports Pool for funding, and for the volunteers and players in CBS Sport Football for participating in the party!

(Football) Party Crew!